Autumn 2022 recap

There has been plenty of activity going on in Tech in Care over the past few months. We are excited to bring you updates on:

Hospital to Home Key Updates

Throughout Autumn we have seen some really exciting developments to Hospital to Home. These updates are all in response to the needs of our customers and we continue to value our engagement with our users in identifying key improvements. 

Developments have included

  • An extended view of the Current Caseload
  • Further ability to sort tables on the dashboard
  • The ability to record Covid Status
  • The ability to edit a discharge time and date
  • The ability to record a key note on a persons record
  • The ability to report on open cases in a day

When you are a customer of Hospital to Home you are invited to a bi-monthly customer update call and this is your opportunity to feedback on the system and help us shape the on-going development.

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) funding as part of the Healthy Ageing Challenge

Project 1: An Extension of Hospital to Home into Intermediate Care Update

This Autumn has seen super progress on the extension into Intermediate Care. We have done extensive engagement with our four Local Authority project team members which has ensured our user centred design approach. 

Just this week we released the first iteration of the Intermediate Care module to the project team and this will be quickly followed by bespoke Intermediate Care dashboards and a wait list function. 

We are on track for the MVP release of the Intermediate Care module by the end of January. We already have an emerging backlog of items which are out of scope for this development but will see the IC module continually progressed after the initial launch. 

Project 2: Solving the Interoperability Problem Update

Interoperability remains the key requirement for both our customers and those who we engage with on a regular basis. We know that enabling health organisations and local authorities to have an integrated network of systems will deliver huge savings on administration, safeguard against errors and ultimately, improve the provision of care for people, particularly of ageing population. 

We are engaging with the key suppliers of electronic patient records (EPR) and adult social care systems to join up H2H via their partner programmes. Alongside this, we have a continuing offer to work directly with our customers and their partners to create interoperable solutions. An example of this is our work with North Lincs and North Lincolnshire and Goole Hospital Trust. We are currently in the latter stages of delivering an interoperability solution, linking the EPR Web-V with Hospital to Home, to the FHIR standard. FHIR is the benchmark standard for integration across the sector and it is a real achievement to be working to this level.

We were delighted to pass the UKRI Healthy Ageing Challenge design gate review last month which gives us the green light to forge ahead with these two vital projects. 

Conferences and Events

We have been out and about over the past few months attending conferences and events both in person and virtually. It has been fantastic be able to meet colleagues and contacts from across the sector in person. We are now seeing the re-emergence of in person events and whilst virtual events continue to offer increased flexibility, it has been a nice experience to be back out and chatting face to face. 

The conferences attended have been:

  • The National Children and Adult Services conference 2022
  • The UKRI Healthy Ageing Challenge National Conference
  • Convenzis Patient Flow Conference 2022

Alongside these conferences, Tech in Care continues to host monthly sector driven workshops, bringing together health and adult social care professionals to discuss a relevant topic. We have had fantastic conversations around Intermediate Care, systems and processes, and the opportunity and challenges of interoperability. 

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