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“Hospital to Home provides the one version of the truth. It’s really stimulated a different conversation. We’re having system conversations now because everyone can see the right information, at the right time, they can see progress, so that people are discharged home safely.”

North Lincolnshire Council
Wendy Lawtey
Head of Adult Social Care and Performance, North Lincolnshire Council
Sutton Council
Luke Addams
Assistant Director of ASC, LB Sutton

“Hospital to Home is a great opportunity and genuine improvement. There are so many advantages of Hospital to Home. All sorts of cost benefits, but I see those as a by-product. If there is one version of the truth – and all partners have access to it – it gives a greater understanding and avoids confusion that can sometimes happen particularly when people are working under pressure”.


“This is a fantastic digital platform that will transform your D2A pathway from a clunky, fragmented, inefficient, high cost system into a fully functioning, intelligent, integrated, efficient, and financially sustainable system…
I highly recommend the Hospital to Home – Digital Discharge to Assess platform, not only does it save time and money, it also produces better patient outcomes. at lower cost!”

Lee Fermandel
Interim Head of Service, Hammersmith and Fulham Council

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