End of year recap

It’s been a busy time for us at Tech in Care this year and we’ve so much end of year news to share with you.

Our most exciting accolade this year, was being awarded with the funding with UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) as part of the Healthy Ageing Challenge. This incredibly exciting news has allowed Tech in Care to move at pace with two key developments for Hospital to Home:

We’ve spent the latter part of the year working with our H2H users to develop the IC model, ready to launch the platform early next year.

Interoperability is a vital development for our customers. We’ve already achieved an integration with Cerner in one locality. This integration draws data from the hospital system and feeds this into H2H. We’re also currently underway with interoperability work in North Lincolnshire, creating a two way flow of data between the EPR Web-V and H2H. More Importantly, the funding we have can enable the integration you need & without further cost to you.

We’re sure that you’ll want to know more about one if not both of these projects in more detail, we can walk you through what they entail in a short call. We’re putting aside every Thursday throughout January to discuss any of the above topics, please come back to us to book your slot.

Our monthly sector driven workshops have proved to be popular and will continue in the New Year. We’re always looking for new topics to discuss so please don’t hesitate to share your ideas with us.

It has been really wonderful this year, to get back out there and attend some conferences, we have stayed busy attending:

● The National Children and Adult Services conference 2022
● The UKRI Healthy Ageing Challenge National Conference
● Convenzis Patient Flow Conference 2022

It was fantastic to network, share challenges and best practices as well as meeting new contacts and old friends.

We are sad to say ‘goodbye’ to Product Owner Stephen Girling this week, but excited to welcome 2 new faces to the Tech in Care team in the New Year. More announcements to come soon.

May we wish you a Happy Christmas – looking forward to catching up with you in the New Year!

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