We Have Completed the DTAC Framework

Recently, Pathways to Care completed all parts of the Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC) framework. While having DTAC is not a current requirement to engage with our health partners, we recognise the value it holds within the health and social care. This will allow us to engage proactively with the NHS market and reassure them that we are cyber safe beyond our other compliance standards. In addition to DTAC, we hold Cyber Essentials + certification and have external penetration testing completed annually.  

What is DTAC? 

‘The Digital Technology Assessment Criteria for health and social care (DTAC) gives staff, patients and citizens confidence that the digital health tools they use meet our clinical safety, data protection, technical security, interoperability and usability and accessibility standards.’ (DTAC).

It’s complex, it’s technical and we have done it to reassure our health and social care customers that we take every measure to protect sensitive information and maintain a solution that will support CQC standards.   

Read more about DTAC here: Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC) – Key tools and information – NHS Transformation Directorate (england.nhs.uk)