Winter Pressures: How Can Technology Support Keeping People Well at Home

We recently hosted a webinar on how technology can support people stay well at home with a panel discussion to explore many of the issues that are close to health and social care colleagues, but that we do not get time to regularly discuss with our peers, let alone a supplier.   

Our dynamic panel of experts that span health, social care, transformation, strategy and technical development included: 

 Lee Fermandel  – Head of Adult Social Care, Walsall Council 

Amanda Powell – ICT & Business Transformation Lead, Wakefield Council 

 Lorenzo Gordon– Director, Maldaba Ltd; 

 Huw Jones – Former NHS Director of Commissioning.  

 The panel deep dove into topics around pressures across health and social care, flow and efficiency, interoperability, innovation and keeping our communities safe and independent at home. Some of the themes that shone brightly included:  

  • ‘Winter’ pressures have turned into year-round pressures.  
  • Teams across health and social care need a digital single version of the truth 
  • Suppliers need to do more to support implementation in systems that are already stretched for resources  
  • There is no single system to do everything – the key is interoperability.  
  • Interoperability cannot be a blocker for procurement – even if a new digital system cannot integrate with all your systems, if it is good, it is better than whatever process you are using now. Give suppliers a chance to work with you to build interoperability post commissioning. 
  • Don’t stop believing! Don’t stop innovating!   

 To hear the discussion in more detail we’re happy to share a link to the recording here

If you have any subject matter ideas for future webinars, please do share them with us. We very much like to work in collaboration with you and your opinions matter to us.